Machinary Sales


Merlo has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to Telyhandlers.
Now with over 26 years of experience in the agricultural market the newest multifarmer range offers,

  • Largest cab in its category
  • Multi-functional armrest as standard
  • 170 HP engine
  • Cab compliant with ROPS and FOPS level II standards
  • 3 point linkage & 540/1000 150hp PTO 

Maximum load capacity: 4,000 kg / 9,000 lb
Maximum lift height: 8.8 m / 30 feet
Capacity at full lift height: 4,000 kg / 9,000 lb
Capacity at full forward reach: 1,000 kg / 2,204 lb
Transmission: 100% Hydrostatic
Maximum Speed: 40kph

If your looking for a durable loader capable of high capacity reach yet need the versatility of being able to go to the field to put in a hard days work, wether it be baling hay to running a grain auger, the multifarmers the tool for you.



The turbo farmer range consists of over 9 models of various lift capacity’s and sizes. With its state of the art cab suspension and hydrostatic transmission, plus the  operator comfort is second to none.

TF 30.9

3 000 kg / 7 000 lb
8,6 m / 30’

TF 33.7

3 300 kg / 7 500 lb
6,6 m / 23′

TF 35.7 CS

3 500 kg / 8 000 lbTF 35.7 CS

3 500 kg / 8 000 lb
6,7 m / 23

TF 33.9 CS

3 300 kg/7 280 lbs
8,6 m/28’8″

TF 38.10 TT CS

3 800 kg / 8 500 lb
9,6 m/ 33

TF 42.7 CS

4 200 kg / 9 500 lb
7,1 mètres / 23

TF 45.11 T CS

4,500 kg / 10,000 lb
10.6 m / 34′ 7″

TF 65.9 T CS

6 500 kg / 14 330 lb
8,8 m / 28’ 10”

TF 50.8

5,000 kg / 11, 023 lb
7.80 m / 25’7″

Compact Range 

Merlo’s high performance compact loader, with a large lifting capacity and high reach makes it very diverse for its size. Ideal for tight spaces, small yards yet big enough to compete with mid range loader.

  • Maximum speed 40 km/h (55kW model): unique in its class
  • Type-approval as an on-road agricultural tractor (optional)
  • 6 metre booms: superior to the front loaders in height, speed and productivity
  • Hydrostatic transmission with continuous variation from 0 to 40 km/h without torque interruption
  • Two levels of torque and power



With an extensive range of trailers and manure spreaders, Their high quality products are fit for any market, running both silage trailer and manure spreaders on our own farm/ custom fleet we have seen first hand the durability and efficiency both products bring to our business.







With 10ft wide body’s ranging from 40-70 cubic feet. Wether it silage, grain, sugar beet or dirt. These trailers can do it all.

Manure Spreaders

The Ktwo Evo range of twin vertical beater rear discharge muck spreaders are designed to cope with the most demanding conditions, whilst at the same time providing extra accuracy and the highest outputs available. Capable of spreading a wide range of materials from heavy manure packs to chicken litter, these spreaders offer versatility and build quality that is unique to the Ktwo Evo. Available in capacities of 14–36 tonnes (21.5–36.3 m3) and with a range of optional extras, these machines can also feature an enhanced standard specification such as way scales and even variable rate application.


As well as Merlo and Ktwo we also take great pride in being able to offer any of our own fleet of tractors & machinary up for sale as part of an ever evolving fleet.
We run a wide range from 150hp-350hp front wheel assists tractor that are maintained through our own shop in which we can diagnose and repair any issues.


amoungst keeping our own machines up together our new shop facility’s and experienced mechanics gives us lots of opportunities to work on out side projects, machines and inspections.

For more information regarding any machine or service inquiry’s you can


Call: (204) 520-1894