Feed Sales

Silage Bales

Alfalfa silage bales:  Chopped and individually wrapped silage bales. 132 relative feed value, Protein: 12.5% TDN (%DM) 64.5 dry matter 35%

Oat & Pea silage bales:  chopped and individually wrapped.  137 relative feed value, 16.2 crude protein, TDN 70.6,  DM 53.9
The bales average weight is 1400 lbs located in Manitoba.

Hay Bales

3x3x8 ft medium square bales of 2nd cut Alfalfa.  relative feed vales 150.4,    protein 19.8,   TDN 60.5

Straw Bales

Large round & square barley and wheat straw bales for sale. Hard core. netwraped. Bales are stored inside with an Average weight 1200 lbs. Made with JD 568 baler.  Located near Alexander Delivery available if needed at an additional cost depending on the location.

Corn silage

Bulk corn silage, chopped and packed for storage. Semi loads of approx 30T loads available.