Mixed Diversed Farming and Custom Operation

Our family run operation consists of Daniel and Penny and the next generation of George and Alice. We moved from over seas to Manitoba in the summer of 2013 where we have set up a mixed farm and custom business. We are pleased to introduce ourselves and the services we have to offer.

During our first winter in Manitoba in 2013 we quickly realized that feeding the cows efficiently whilst maximizing the benefit to the animal was of high importance. We believe that setting the cow in good stead during the winter carries her through the worst weather conditions and calving with less problems occurring.

Baling, chopping and wrapping high quality feed in individual bales has met this requirement. The result is an easily manageable silage feed.

The cattle find this palatable and digestible.

The wrapped bales are resilient to weather and pests. We stack them in the yard site close to our winter feeding areas but they can be placed out at winter pasture and have been successfully bale fed by some of our customers. Waste is minimal and surplus bales keep well until the next feeding season. There is no feed odour or leakage from the bales and the fermentation process is complete. Feed analysis has shown a really good RFV.

For our cows and feeders we bale and wrap barley/oat green feed, grass silage, alfalfa/whole crop barley, millet and a green feed that incorporates peas with cereals.We are so convinced that this is a premium form of forage preservation that we offer a custom service of baling and wrapping.

We are producing top quality feed and straw for sale, we’ve found this is a great way to get new customers trying the feed first hand. MORE INFO