We run a quality herd of purebred Red Angus cattle with the bulk of the cows originating from High Caliber Angus in Saskatchewan. We have been working to create sound footed, productive cattle that can go out and work in herds. We offer bulls for sale private treaty through the yard in the spring. The bulls are available for viewing and selection anytime after the January 1st. We also release a select number of heifers each year, so watch out on our social media to find female opportunities!

We also operated 300 commercial, spring calving cows of SimmXAngus females. Fed on homegrown forage crops, the calves are marketed at 700-900lb. Each spring we offer a commercial replacement heifer program, in which we find the heifers grow into successful cows as demonstrated in our own operation.

As both commercial and purebred breeders we strive to maintain the end goal of being beef producers. To achieve this both herds are fueled by strong, sound herd sires to create beef-producing calves.

Find our finished beef product at Henry’s Meats located on the 270N several miles west of Brandon!

Feel free to stop by to view the cattle anytime!


Red Angus and Fullblood bulls available for sale by Private Treaty. Available at the farm for viewing and selection – located 2 miles east of Alexander, Mb.

For further information and to schedule a viewing contact Alice at 204-573-7484 or email


Red Moosecreek Mayfield 31H sons – Calving ease specialists: 

RLCC 619K, DOB: Feb 7th, BW: 78, CE: ***

RLCC 675K, DOB: March 6th, BW: 75, CE: ***

RLCC 605K – Black Red carrier, DOB: Jan 30th, BW: 75, CE: ***

Red Six Mile Hurricane 124H Sons – Power bulls:

RLCC 629K, DOB: Feb 14th, BW: 86, CE:*

RLCC 667K, DOB: March 1st, BW: 98, CE: *

RLCC 658K, DOB: Feb 27th, BW: 98, CE: *

Crump New Decade 9341 sons: 

RLCC 602K, DOB: Jan 28th, BW: 85, CE: ***

RLCC 610K, DOB: Feb 3rd, BW: 85, CE: **

RLCC 613K, DOB: Feb 3rd, BW: 75, CE: ***

Cherry Creek Magnus 3C sons:

RRCC 21K, DOB: Feb 26th, BW: 70

RRCC 23K, DOB: March 5th, BW: 99

RRCC 18K, DOB: Feb 8th, BW: 90

RRCC 26K, DOB: March 21st, BW: 99

Red Rooke Riddler 262G Sons:

RLCC 663K, DOB: Feb 28th, BW: 94, CE: **

RLCC 652K, DOB: Feb 26th, BW: 77, CE: ***

RLCC 666K, DOB: March 1st, BW: 88, CE: ***

For further information and to schedule a viewing contact Alice at 204-573-7484 or email